A little perspective could change our world.

Thu, Jan 3, 2019

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A perspective is the most innocent right with which we have all been blessed. It is the cornerstone upon which our societal and moral laws have been carved. Our vista and choices are inextricably woven together being that, the choices we make in our everyday lives are as a result of how we see.

A little perspective could change our world.

As almost every other phenomenon in the 21st century, perspective bears a relative characteristic as it differs from one individuals to groups. It distinguishes between a man who killed his wife due to the sleep terror within his neurology and a woman condemned to a period of indebtedness to a $27 billion company due to her gambling habit. While Angie Bachman was blamed for her habits, Brian Thomas who had just killed his wife was set free by society [1].

Our perspective is the reason why 30,000 ft above sea level, all the mansions built by the wealthy, famous and even societal degenerates looks like grains of sand by the sea shore. These mansions have not ceased to exist but have become less than a shadow of what they really are.

Our opinions of both good and evil in this world poses a great burden to the decision making process. Going naked outside the confines of our homes in prior centuries could be attributed to indecency, but as perspectives are shaped by society, in our days it is seen as self love and body appreciation. The act itself has not changed, but the way society perceives it has, hence many say “_be proud of your body, don’t let anyone tell you to cover up just because they’re not proud of theirs_”. We (Including the author) are also of the opinion that rape is no way associated to nudity because rapists take on victims of all age, size, religion, ethnicity and gender!!!. However taking a deeper plunge into this sea of nefariousness that exists in a rapist’s mind might reveal that the once innocent child grew into this terrible predator because of how much societal perspectives have ingrained lust into such a person through his/her perspectives. Perspective makes one with low self worth dislike you even after an honest compliment, as the line between the good, the bad and the unacceptable is gradually being mashed up by our perspectives, the hope of the generation to come grows wispy by the forms of addiction and bad choices. A radical change in perspective is all we need. This sounds so round eyed enough, doesn’t it ?


_Trying to change how you perceive a situation and how to respond in given circumstances is an acclivitous task, it’s totally uphill FAM!. If you feel that you have a perfect decision making machine taking a comfy residence in your 3 pounds brains, sipping some hot coffee when the winter is finally here, though not perfectly engaged in disbursing accurate decisions, you would never see the need to change. _

STEP 1: Let down all your Ego (well, it is not money, for all my ndigbo people reading this piece) and improve yourself and those around you. Be willing to both learn and unlearn. As the views change, there are some which are not carved in stone that you should adopt.

STEP 2: This may sound so religious but remember it’s my own perspective so it should not irk you. Anchor your perspective on the eternal deity of Jesus Christ. I mean submit to the way in which he reasons and thinks. Jesus is someone who has split even our very timeline into 2 portions i.e BC & AD. Dr. Ravi Zacharias preaches so much on this very issue; anchoring your life to an immovable reference post. [2]

** STEP 3**: This is what i am doing by writing this piece. Help others find their way in this dark world, be the light that defeats the long night, for the night is dark and full of terrors. The future of our world depends on the perspectives of our present.

As little a perspective as consciously not dumping pet materials into our grounds and seas may be, it can help rescue this planet. Until we accept that we have subscribed to a distorted perspective and we need a change, the peril looms ahead (and could even go as far as taking away our beloved fruit of the looms from our wardrobes) not just for us, but for the generations to come.

[1] The Power of HABITS by Charles Duhigg

[2] Absolute Truth in Relative Terms by Ravi Zacharias

Thank you for starting this journey with us.

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Originally published on medium on 07/03/2017