A NOT SO DELUDED CREATOR: Pleading the moral case of an eternal being.

Mon, Apr 15, 2019

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It's been a while i published on here, I am so sorry, I had an exam to prepare for and trust your boy to do justice by God's grace. So quick question, first off, Do you believe there's a creator, like an overly intelligent being who created, sustains and supervises the activities in our world and the infinitely large multiverse ? Many scientists, just like Hugh Ross believe that there's no difference between pure science and the Faith. He believes that scientists are just discovering what God created and that's absolutely fine.

A NOT SO DELUDED CREATOR: Pleading the moral case of an eternal being.

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There is another question; If there is indeed an intelligent creator, is He morally upright? Can he be trusted to mete out fair judgment when required? This is so important to humans, because we are moral beings. Everyone has a sense or idea of what may be good, not so good or in some cases out-rightly bad. We seem to operate instinctively by a moral code, could this creator be the moral law giver? Could He have added in his creation formula X a pinch of morality to make us moral beings?


I really believe the all intelligent creator is equally a morally upright being who does whatever is best for all life at all times in our universe. I know it’s a lot to take in for many people that they weren’t just a victim of an accidental big bang occurrence but pre-conceived in the mind of a creator and what is called the big bang runs in the lines of Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth”. God’s word himself is the God-Particle that created everything we see and don’t see. Humans for the most part are self absorbed individuals, vested only in what interests and benefits them, and for the outliers who can see beyond themselves, they lack both the omnipresence and the omnipotent ability to arrange the space-time sized Jigsaw puzzle called the multiverse. Life is so complex that none of us would even be able to understand and arrange it properly with our 3 pounds brain in a thousand years. This takes me right back to the plot of the Umbrella Academy; A Netflix Original {spoilers ahead}. I remember number 5 being the most cranky person ever all because he could access the space-time dimension. Due to his ability, he had been to the future and discovered that the world was going to come to an end, and he came back to save the world from going into the dust. Now a funny scene was were Luther asked him who was responsible for the apocalypse? and it turned out to be some vegetable farmer outskirt of the town. You see folks, life is definitely not linear at all times, no one could guess the ripple effect a little action could bring about.


Assuming there is an intelligent designer as our DNA implies, who also doubles as our moral signpost. It goes to say that He is all powerful and yet all good. Herein lies the problem, many atheists and agnostics argue that on the off chance there’s a creator, He cannot be both, he has to choose just one per time like the rest of His creations. However I’ve tried to establish here that there’s really no such thing as absolute good or absolute evil to humans, because even the most heinous crimes could end up bringing about transient good. Life and death, good and bad, Fire and Ice, Black and White,Hot and Cold, it’s always a dance of both serpents intertwining to make life what it is. So many things happen which are terrible at the instant, but if managed rightly, they could bring about greatness in the bigger picture.

#ASSUMPTION 1-If there is a sovereign being, then he causes everything that happens in infinite time and space.

Well, how great it would have been if we never had to bear responsibilities for what we do. The mere fact that someone has an idea of what happens next does not mean he causes it. Just like Bran Stark in the game of thrones saw Jammie leaving home to come to Winterfell doesn’t imply Bran caused him to leave home. In the same vein, the creator made people who have the ability to choose. Choice is our single most important asset, it’t like the small steering of a 32 wheeler truck, that little thing has the ability to turn our tires wherever it pleases. The intelligent creator knew people would want to put all of the blame on Him, so he put a bit of free will in his formula X. So people could act how they wanted to irrespective of the creator, and since He is also sovereign, He does what is best for his creations when he needs to.

Thus, the great Freudian Oedipal Nightmare which states that “It is far better to render beings in your care competent than to protect them.” This accounts for why even the most assiduous parents cannot fully protect their kids from the wiles of the world such as drugs, internet pornography or even alcohol by locking them indoors all year. Therefore it is known that anyone who takes the option of choice off the table is worse than the devil himself, which is why the intelligent designer is very Pro-Choice.

#ASSUMPTION 2-If He does not exterminate evil at once, He’s complicit.

Since He knows when and where evil would occur, why doesn’t he just take it out like the ghost-busters do? what about He turns your hot coffee cold next time he knows it would pour on your skin. I am sure you would still curse out because of your limited scope of happenings.

Terrible cannot start to describe some of the evil that people have done to their fellow humans from the beginning of existence. Arguably one of the most demonized of such people is Adolf Hitler. Even in apologist seminars, you hear questions like “How can a good God allow bad things happen to people?” Now let me ask few questions also. Should God have created Innocent baby Adolf Hitler? or could it be that any male child born to Alois and Klara would have acted like Adolf did? Sadly, Adolf was the fourth child Klara gave birth to but became the first to survive infancy. Should a good God have caused Klara to miscarry Adolf also to prevent him doing so much damage? Okay let’s say he was born, should a good God have killed him just when he became a uniformed man? Would that have been the right thing to do? I was thinking the right time would be when he killed millions and separated hundreds of thousand families. All in all, Adolf Hitler still had time for retribution. The scripture covers these merciful act of God in Psalm 103:14-”For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust.” Ravi Zacharias painted a small picture which I would want to make use of to illustrate how little finite events piece together to make up a much bigger event.

_In a small village, there lived a man and his son with a neighbor very close by. This man had a ranch of horses and one day one of his horses left home and did not return, his neighbor said “too bad your horse has gone missing”. Some weeks later the horse returned home with a band of wild stray horses and the neighbor says “I guess it was a good thing your horse went missing, if it didn’t you wouldn’t have more horses now”. Then some days later the son was trying to groom one of those wild horses, and it flinched and broke the young man’s leg, the neighbor comes up again and says “if these wild horses never came, your son’s leg would never have been broken, guess it was a bad thing they came in the first place”. Weeks passed and soon came a group of looters and armed men laying villages to waste and taking young men to join their crusade forcefully, they soon came to this man’s home and found the boy with a broken leg, they recognized he’ll be a liability to their cause so they let him be. The neighbor then says “I** guess it was great your son’s leg was broken by those wild horses, if not you would have lost him forever to these bandits**” _

In this short analogy, you can mirror your own life’s situation as I can also. Some of the things we all thought was so terrible are in part responsible for the good we are currently experiencing. Then imagine how much of these decisions the Intelligent designer has to make whilst ensuring free will isn’t jeopardized. Maybe he sometimes allows the heinousness of evil prevail so people can recognize the depravity of the human nature and recognize that only in the substitutionary work of Jesus his son is there any hope for a better world.



Matthew 7:5 talks about self righteousness ,it says to remove the beam in your eye before you remove the spec in your brother’s. So how does this relate? For one, self defense even when it leads to the death of the attacker isn’t charged as a felony. Another controversial take is that of abortion, as evil as it is to murder an innocent human being all because that person is totally in your care and is solely dependent on your goodwill is really beyond me, but guess what? You can be permitted by society and logic who feel that if your life is in danger, then the other human being should be killed! Some even agree that even if your life isn’t threatened, as long as you do not want that child, you could kill her just seconds from due time as seen in this video by Ben Shapiro. So we have a bunch of murderers asking another being why he also “murders”? wow, how amazing! The same people that say every life has Intrinsic value and no one life is more important than another are those killing innocent humans who depend of their morality to exist and survive. Let us call it what it is, these are human beings not some fluffy teddy bear or fishes swimming in your womb. We leave this massive beam in our eyes, and then try to question and correct an all knowing creator, on matters we know really very little about, bravo!!

As this piece rounds off, let me paint another analogy between a programmer and his applications._ Imagine you are a programmer and you made really cool apps like candy crush, pacman, twitter and the likes. Then you discover that the pacman developed a bug by interacting with other apps,and could end up destroying vital parts of the storage space, then you’re faced with the options of leaving it to suffer and be so ineffective, returning to the home screen when it is launched or uninstalling it for good,and fixing the problem. Then by happenstance you over hear twitter and snapchat gossiping about how unfair you are to even be considering uninstalling or “afflicting” pacman who is so innocent_. Does this make you not morally upright? I think not, because your plane of morality is in no way the same as the applications, you should take general oversight and make sure everything works on the phone according to design for maximum effectiveness. So to you uninstalling an application does not make you terrible, but it makes God ? Definitely, the creator is not in the same plane of morality or reality as we are, that is why it wouldn’t make sense to judge him with our own laws.

In conclusion, the Lord has said he would never leave us nor forsake us, we must believe this, also father Abraham said that “the Judge of the whole earth will do that which is right”. God again assures us in the bible that he won’t allow a temptation greater than we can bare to come near us, He’s always watching. His only “mistake” is that he has considered us competent rather than obstruct our free will at every instance. As Jordan Peterson asks in his book, 12 rules for life; “As a parent, do you want to make your children safe or strong?” I hope we consider these painful realities, next time we are passing through an unpleasant situation. God bless you.


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