Actions & Reactions{Part 1}

Sat, May 11, 2019

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It was the year 1686, Sir Isaac Newton had just presented his three laws of motion, these came 20 years after he developed his theories of gravitation. These three laws are stated as follows; (1) Every object in a state of uniform motion will remain in that state of motion unless an external force acts on it. (2) Force equals mass times acceleration. (3) For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. These laws are so effective with objects and machinery but could meet a Waterloo with human emotions getting in their way. I would try to build this article around these laws.

Actions & Reactions{Part 1}

The Atomic explosion on Hiroshima&Nagasaki [Brewminate]

In mechanics, engineers can measure actions and reactions to exact nanoseconds and psi, but with humans, who decides when a reaction is equal enough? Is there a court in session at this time that could pass a judgement that would be universally just? Who measures equality of reaction corresponding to prior action? If a kid is bullied in school, should he wait till he is tough enough to revenge (which may never happen) or should he come to school with a semi automatic rifle the next day and drop his oppressor (I would not advise this). Who can measure the hurt that kid felt from being bullied, and prescribe a reasonable equal reaction? I have no answers to these simply critical questions. The wise often know this much though “she that acts, does not get to chose the reaction she gets” You do not really get to tell people how to react once you have acted. you get one shot at this lego fight, and you had better make it right. It is pretty much like a chess game, you get just a move per turn, then your opponent reacts, or ignores your move and acts independently, while waiting for you to react. However you look at it, at a point in the game someone begins to react to the other and pieces start getting chopped off the board till a stalemate or checkmate. If not, explain what could necessitate the USA dropping Little Boy and Fat Man (the atomic bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki). Bombs that may still be having loads of negative effects on the Japanese people and the rest of the world till date.Yes there was a war, but what led to that war? Who shot first? who flew the first aircraft over enemy lines? who threatened whom first? These are all strings of cause and effect playing out violently. A 2015 Pew Research Center survey found that only 14% of Japanese thought the bombing was justified, while 79% said it wasn’t. A Gallup poll conducted immediately after the bombing in 1945 found that 85% of Americans approved of Truman’s decision. But the Pew survey last year found that the share of Americans who believe the use of nuclear weapons against Japan was justified had fallen to 56%. The important question remains, what are the 79% going to do with their resentment? The Japanese made a move, the US another, now what is the next?

In Steve Farrar’s HOW TO RUIN YOUR LIFE BY 30 he said, “Causes have Effects, Actions have Reactions, Choices have Consequences that will be the story of your life”. You were in uniform motion until someone or something acted against you and your interests, and now you are ready to react. Sometimes it is not an external force as Newton describes, it’s internal. It’s the chaos hiding underneath, it’s yin making her grand appearance, it’s the serpent and the woman in the garden upsetting the delicate balance.


**AT EIGHTEEN YEARS OF AGE, **Jane Lucretia D’Esterre was as talented as she was beautiful. It was 1815 in Scotland, and her husband John had just been killed in a duel. He left her penniless, in a new country, all alone with two babies to care for. She had left her family in France to be with John and now she was without any kind of support: emotional, spiritual, or financial. She was by all definition hopeless and as she stood on the bank of the deep lake in Scotland contemplating suicide. As she gazed into the depths of the lake and pondered over her broken life, she never remembered how much her death would affect her children, however she looked up and saw a young man on the other side of the lake plowing furrows on the hillside with such singleness of purpose as she had never seen before. In her moment of despair, she was so impressed with his focus and that concentration pulled her out of her despair. She was suddenly infused with new hope and she received very timely wisdom and was not going to abandon her children, they had lost one parent already ~ they didn’t need to lose another. She knew what to do. She had an idea and she knew exactly how to go about it. A few weeks after the lake experience, Jane came to faith in Christ. Few years later she married Captain John Grattan Guinness, who was the youngest son of the famous brewer, Arthur Guinness.

Os Guinness who is a great great grand son to Jane comments on the significance of the events that took place in Jane’s life when she was just eighteen: If it had not been for the duel, our side of the family would not have come into being. If it had not been for the plowman, the tragedy of the dueling husband would have been followed by the tragedy of the duelist’s widow… At the moment Jane couldn’t see five generations after but all of those generations depended on her to be strong even at her weakest point. Her actions wouldn’t end as just actions, they would have equal and unequal reactions. She had a choice to make and she wasn’t going to chose the consequences separately, these come in pairs. She could have made the wrong choice but she did not, and her family is still grateful today that she didn’t, nearly two hundred years later. The choices you are going to make even after reading this article are just as important.


Each one of us may have excused bad behavior at a point in our lives, when it suited our agenda. When it was comfortable and gave us the edge we stuck with terrible choices which our gut retched over. We knew it was terrible, maybe not so terrible, maybe just mildly wrong but it could pan out to have serious consequences. A chess game often starts with a white pawn moving forward, that is so harmless isn’t it? Of-course not. I lived in an area once upon a time where there were so many traffic lights to control some “insane” drivers. At this time I had a teaching job at a high school about forty-five minutes away and I did not own a car, so i used to take taxis which on very few occasions would ignore traffic lights and zoom past into incoming traffic around the bend of the round about. I usually cautioned the driver not to do that whenever i left home on time, but when I was late, I kept shut and sang silent praises of the bravery of my valiant prince fighting the lights for my sake. It could go wrong if we had hit a pedestrian who depended on the traffic lights to cross the road, guess I was lucky that never happened. The problem with this excuses is that it begins to groom and nurture another monster, which maybe more deadly than the first. When people excuse bad behavior with words like “Nobody Holy”, it shows that they may lack human empathy, which is a sign of poor emotional intelligence. It goes to say that if you would not want something done to you, do not do it to others, neither should you encourage or support it.

Here in Nigeria, there is an increasing rate of fraud. Fraudsters have cooked up all sorts of get rich quick techniques and it has given the country a much more terrible image in the international community. An internet fraudster moves his pawn, there has to be a reaction, not necessarily taken out on the fraudster but on any Nigerian citizen around. Cause and effect must take its place. As if the wave is not so terrible, we have public figures who have openly encouraged this illicit act, saying that people who know anything about racism and slavery would know that this fraudsters are doing the country a favor. I totally disagree. We have also a mosaic replica, one who openly condemned the illegality. I would say this much, everyone involved in fraud is a real fraudster, be it politician, civil servant, musicians and dupes. No one should be telling law enforcement to arrest the real fraudsters, because everyone into fraud is the real fraudster. Stop making excuse for bad behavior and see you in the next chapter…