Black|White; A plea for gray

Tue, Feb 26, 2019

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Colors, beautiful as they may be are so intricately complex that there are over 10 million of them, your computer screen can produce about 16.8 million colors. The ratio of unknown colors to hair strands would probably result in a very large improper fraction.

Black|White; A plea for gray

The spectrum is so wide that Psycho-physicists have taken careful measurements of the human visual system and found out that humans can only see about a thousand levels of Light-Dark, hundred levels of Red-Green and hundred levels of Yellow-Blue for a single viewing condition in a laboratory. I.e 1000*100*100= 10,000,000 for each human. If all the factors that determine color perception are put into cognizance, we could have a spectrum which imitates the number line.

I am young, gray and unconventional, you should be too. Our world is not White, neither is it Black, it’s gray, ageing and surviving. Situations are not just all good or all evil, these terms are relative, hence every area is a gray area. In our known universe there are no absolute values, no absolute truths.

The TAO; which is a philosophical/religious tradition with its origin in china depicts our world almost perfectly. It’s popularly known as YIN-YANG, it shows the co-existence and more importantly interdependence of two opposing forces on each other. The TAO teaches that people are separate from their opinions, so when people have different viewpoints on an issue to you, you would not need to feel threatened.

The coldest hands belong to death, yet its necessity must be appreciated often. Many people on their death beds wished they could escape those freezing hands void of any empathy, but death is just, even when it’s perceived to be unjust. Try to wrap your beautiful mind around an immortal race of humans from the dawn of time, how would the young ever rise to be of any worth ? I presume it would a barbaric civilization if i had to contend for opportunities to high-school or work-place with the likes of Einstein. Our world right now is perfectly imperfect. It’s a dance of grief and joy, a song of ice and fire. I would like to share short analogies, please follow through.

In 2019, one of the most horrifying reports i have ever come across was brought to my notice; It was a sexual assault case involving a woman from New Jersey and a man from New York. Cheri Marchionda stayed at a hotel in Iowa during a business trip and was in the hotel’s bar when a man, Christopher La Pointe approached her. Cheri rejected his advances and went to her room, she later awoke to find this same man in her hotel room touching her legs. He then proceeded to batter and sexually assault her over several hours. It was later discovered that he had collected the key from the front desk even without being asked for proof that he resided in the room.

What beats the imagination is the fact that normally, associated press do not release the names of sexual assault victims, but Cheri’s attorney, Peter Villari said she has revealed her name in hopes of serving as an advocate for hotel safety and sexual assault victims someday. This shows how even amidst terrible darkness, light is born. in every evil, there is that light that depends on everything being dark. Cheri found life when almost everyone around her saw death and now she takes a step further to spread that life to those who can’t see it.

A young doctor with such an illustrious career passes on. she doesn’t cry because the finality of death doesn’t allow for any further emotion. It devastates her whole family, friends and it touches the professional community. However, approximately 72 hours later, a new doctor who had hoped for such an opportunity got called upon to fill those big shoes.

What are your thoughts ? Did the first doctor have to die for another to find her own footing? Couldn’t they just be colleagues at the same level? Now the family of one weeps, and because a family weeps indirectly another family rejoices. There is so much our fragile minds and 3 pound brains cannot decipher. Life comes in turns, do great when you have the opportunity.

Sex is a beautiful thing, it could give the most climatic moments of your life when you and your partner are on the same page. It’s like fireworks, bursts of happiness throughout and an uncommon serenity immediately after. According to the time of life, in 9 months ceteris paribus, a baby would be on the way. Laughter produced the little one, but tears would be shed to push her out. The cycle changes immediately the child is born, because the mother is all smiles again. What a glorious gray that pain gives birth to pleasure.

In conclusion, This is who we are. Embrace every incoming change because non is totally evil nor good. nothing is totally White or Black. In the end Death ties with life because no one leaves this world alive. Why don’t you give gray a chance?

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