BOUNDARIES; Saving Women in Sports

Mon, Mar 11, 2019

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The 8th of March commemorates the International Women's Day [IWD] for our Beautiful, Intelligent and Strong women. The hashtag for this year's event was the buzzing #BalanceforBetter, which has so much significance with respect to the kind of realities we are being faced with.

BOUNDARIES; Saving Women in Sports

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Egalitarian societies are those which prioritize equity (equality)of every citizen. Against popular opinion, egalitarianism does not just have to do with dividing social groups into male and female, but across other hierarchical structures such as religion, race and culture mixed with sexual orientation. However equality of opportunities can be guaranteed, but equality of outcome varies depending on the choices of each citizen.

This article focuses its beam on the amazingly relentless women in sports, ranging from power lifting all the way to athletics. The balance for better is great for many reasons; It speaks to common reasoning, it speaks of a balanced ideology and rejects the radical ideologues, lastly, it speaks against tyrannical structures. The 21st century isn’t slowing down and loads of things have happened that have shook the very foundation of our “Common Sense” and the resulting intersectionality would cause very many problems. If that is to be avoided, then clear boundaries must be defined to avoid most of these social groups intersecting to a large extent. Permit me to expatiate a little.

Minnesota has a new power lifting state champion. Jaycee was born male and took up weight lifting about a year ago and now dominates the state’s female rankings. Jaycee has now set a new state record in women’s bench and best overall lifter. In this article “

Is it fair to allow trans-women to compete in female sports?

” biological data is given to support why radical ideologues should not be allowed to wheel sports and disenfranchise the hard working women who keep doing their very best. It is 2019 and seems like the whole world is almost devoid of common sense, and the resultant effect is that society itself is crumbling under that pressure. In Mathematics, we have what we call Axioms; these are a formal statement or principle from which other statements can be obtained. They are the foundation stones which shouldn’t be tampered with, lest everything comes crashing down. Prior to the “enlightened generation” human societal axioms have always been in place and that is why sports have always been divided into male and female categories at least in major elitist competitions.

Some may ask, “what is wrong with male-born trans-women competing in female sports?” I would start by saying clearly that i don’t think whom a person is and what they chose to associate with are always the same. For example we started having people come up saying they were trans-Able people; this means that these set of people feel like they were born in the wrong body, they feel they should be disabled and hence proceed with self mutilation willingly. The perception of reality can be much more important than reality but it does not change what reality is. In the middle ages, there were many people who supported and genuinely thought the earth was flat, but that did not change the shape of the earth. In the same way, people remain biologically the same except during a gender re-assignment, even though they do not feel like it. Now if the radical feminist says there is absolutely no difference in capacity between men and women, it seems innocent enough. Except for the fact that it leads on a far more dangerous rhetoric relating to female sports being dominated by men (In cases where there is no gender re-assignment, where males are just allowed to reduce Testosterone levels). There is one reason this is not fair to the female born athletes and that is human anatomy.

Let me attempt to put all of these into perspective, the official IAAF record set by under 18 male (Anthony Schwartz) category in the 100m outdoor sprint event is 10.15 seconds while fastest ever woman(Florence Griffith-Joyner) 18 and above is 10.49 seconds and Usain Bolt’s record is a 9.58 seconds. Women are extremely strong physically,mentally and socially and deserve equal opportunities,as egalitarian societies have proven that the better the inclusion of competent women in societal infrastructure, the more progressive these institutions. However in sports, biology could limit capacity to deliver. There is a male sex hormone known as testosterone which is primarily responsible for the performances of male over their female counterpart. The governing bodies have not done a satisfactory job because one of the cornerstones of sports is fair play, and female athletes are not being treated fairly, since they would always be at the disadvantage against male born trans-women. In most cases these male born trans-women have their gender re-assigned which still doesn’t totally level the plains and some other cases where these “male-athletes” do not re-assign, they just suppress their testosterone levels.

Remember Lance Armstrong the Tour DE France Cyclist who was stripped of his medals because of the alleged doping scandals? If you have not heard about him, watch the documentary titled the Armstrong Lie. In Lance’s case he got stripped of all his medals and titles once he was “caught” doping. This is kind of how the Testosterone works, it creates a muscle memory such that muscles built under the influence of Testosterone will be easier to build in the future even in the absence of Testosterone which gives one athlete comparative advantage over another, this article shows that Clearly.

“Performance gaps” do exist and has been proven over decades of sporting records, these again boils down to human anatomy such as males having larger muscles and bones, being averagely taller, having larger organs and more circulating red blood cells. The inclusion that permeates the female sports is disheartening and could only spell cataclysmic doom for the future of female sports. Fair play keeps representing just a catchphrase associated with sports without having any effect in practice, as we continue to wonder if male born athletes should compete with females ? It is better to choose reality and thereby save women’s sport by ridding it of politicized radical schemes. You can read also the battle of the sexes for context. May we not be on the wrong side of history for standing and letting women sports die by our hands.



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Originally published on THE WALLFLOWER JOURNAL.

Original Author: Owoniyi Adedoyin.J