The Enemy Within

Sun, Jan 20, 2019

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There is an ancient African proverb which says, "If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm". How much water would this hold today? Remember the slavers ? They were our common enemy once upon a time, and the only reason they could buy our ancestors was because of the greed living within the rulers of that dispensation. Those who decided to sell our people like sheep.

The Enemy Within

In every living mortal being lies an enemy, a self-bred monster determined to keep us from attaining our greatest potential, for some this monster is camping around an average mentality, for another it’s pride, quite the whole world has fear as theirs; there are quite a number of phobias in the world….hilariously there are those with a phobia for beards…..pogonophobic individuals. LOL!

In the time which i have been privileged to make my home among the living, i have seen humans both young and old, of all genders and social statuses including myself either consciously or unconsciously making sure we never arrived the vanguard of life.

A dramatic incident occurred on the 29th of July in the year 2017; one of my busiest days ever. I happened to be helping out with some work with family, and as i was in the car with a young man in his early thirties, we overheard a little teenage girl not more than fourteen years of age mumble some words. She was the tallest of three girls strolling by discussing in very high tempo, they all had that legendary 2Face Idibia “African Queen” styled haircut. At first i thought it was all teenage banter until i gave attention and meditated on those words longer. These words came hurling out her mouth like darts; walahi, ti mo ba ti de JSS3, mo ti bere oloso mi. The interpretation of this is; I swear, once i reach JSS3 (Basic 9), I would become a prostitute. She repeated these words like two times more and then it struck me, indeed there is an enemy within.

Those were the exact words which formed the cornerstone message of this piece, I asked myself how someone could be against themselves in such a way? Those words were a product of her own free will and no power in existence could battle and come out victorious (just like Green Lantern and Sinestro demonstrated in the DC movie). The more pertinent question however is, could there be passions which we harbor which spin us around into a contention with ourselves? Have we accepted that there is no success without corruption ? Have we believed lies which became creed for generations passed away ?

_ It is true that there are enemies lurking in the shadows, but much more deceitful and vicious are those lying in our hearts, who have made their home within our souls._

On each pack of cigarettes sold in your locality here in Nigeria for example are inscribed these words “The federal ministry of health warns that smokers are liable to die young”. The perturbing question is then, why not quit smoking ? Honestly I wish i had an answer to that question, but I don’t. I do know this however, that we all have some enemy we are wrestling with from time to time. I care little what you are wrestling with because I am persuaded you have the capacity to overcome it. You must decide to keep wrestling till you overcome, because scripture tells us that there is nothing new under the sun, many have been exactly where you are now, wrestled with the same and prevailed.


**STEP 1 **Recognize the enemy for what it is. SunTzu (Author of The Art of War) says “Know your enemies, know your friends and you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles”.

** STEP 2** Determine in your heart to contend with, overcome and live above whatever it is you are faced with.

STEP 3 Take a cue from those who have been through what you are currently going through.

** STEP 4** Most importantly, the lord is our present help in time of trouble; meaning in the midst of troubles and wars is where He thrives to bring us to victory.