When Women Rise: The Road That Leads Back Home

Fri, Oct 4, 2019

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To be honest, I feel like a prodigal at the moment I sit at my desk to craft this piece, listening to my favorite Owl City. It's been longer than I hoped, but I guess that comes with moving to an entirely new country with a different culture, no friends and no family in sight. "Overwhelming" would not quite explain the feelings of the past two months. Giving up the "present" with my amazing colleagues in Ecobank, Nigeria to secure the "future" in the country of dreams & aspirations, America. I do apologize to everyone of you reading this at this time, and I want to make a solemn promise I would do everything to keep, "I would not stop pouring out my heart, because it's my heart that makes my work different." May we never lose our wonder !!

When Women Rise: The Road That Leads Back Home

You see that beautiful kid looking into the future in the picture above ? That’s all of us. That look of hope for the future, when you know things may just go your way. I know some people opened this article to know what the topic pointed to, you may have to read a little further to find out because that was intentional lol! However, I like to be inclusive with my choice of words because the world has become much more sensitive and beautiful than it used to be, and I like to show a bit of growth in my writings. That topic would have read “When Men Rise”, but then I would be having a bit of debate with my really close friends which I would rather not do over Facetime:). Do you ever wonder how your life would be thirty years from today? Do you still see those relationships you have now playing a vital part of your future? Do you see yourself standing shoulder to shoulder with your childhood heroes? Do you still see yourself kneeling and praying to a father?

The Future is something so far away, yet immensely close. The future is the next second and yet it’s the next rising sun. If you are familiar with stories from the scripture, you should know the young man who slept in the prison one particular night, and at sunset of the next day, he was prime minister. I mean, look at Mandela Nelson of South Africa. The fact that your life could change in just a minute is absolutely fantastic,and it’s much more thrilling, because you do not know exactly when that change would be. You are a seamstress or fashion-designer today with a ton of disappointed customers cussing you out for being so whack, and just three years down, by diligence and sheer happenstance, you are hand crafting the dress for the next royal wedding of England. You just never know when the future would be, and like you, I am so excited I don’t. The future is now, and you should embrace its process, like Jon Bellion said “I guess if I knew tomorrow, I guess I wouldn’t need faith”

Charles de Gaulle Airport

Now, we are all excited about what our future holds, I would tell us a little story, and wrap this piece up with a word of advice. Permit me to go back a little to the picture above. That is the Charles de Gaulle Airport in France, I had a stop over during my trip abroad, and this is wild because just two weeks from this time, I did not think I would get my visa approved, I was settling down well enough in my new job and it seemed like the future, but that changed quickly and here I was, half-way across Europe, now to our story.

I joined Tinder many months ago (of-course I do not feel guilty, I like to think I am an adult sometime :) and I have never needed that app in all those months than I have these past two months. Long story short, I met this pretty petite girl (my spec, in case you want to shoot your shot) on there and we “matched”, for those who do not know what “matched” means, simply means, we liked each others profile. She didn’t reply my messages as girls like to do, so i was not fazed one bit, I knew it was only a matter of time. Maybe because my display picture was a three-piece blue cotton suit? but I had the assurance. True to that assurance, she sent me her mobile number. I must say at this point, I was taken aback, because ladies don’t just give out their numbers to people they haven’t spoken to yet. As a sharp guy, I quickly sent her a message and we got talking, she said she was trying to organize a Netflix and chill session for just us, and at this point, my sweet holy spirit that I did not listen to, told me it was a red flag, (ABORT MISSION) but trust me, I continued talking, so she said I should drop some little dollars for the hangout, of-course, I do not want to leach on such a nice person right? so we went and bought supplies and it all looked like a good first date was in the works. When she came to pick me for the supply run, I noticed her steering wheel was so stiff and I already had plans of fixing this for her the day after, she dropped me off, so we could both freshen up and I was to go back to her place by 9:00 pm. I had spent a little and for some reason, I was sure this was not going to happen as planned. The time is 9:00 pm and I send a message, there’s no response, 9:15 still non. I put a call through and whole lot of excuses came up as I had anticipated. I knew this was going to happen.

It’s 11:00 pm and I am on my desk having my non-fat yogurt when the Holy spirit came again and spoke to my heart, “When I give you a little, would you still be reachable?” He walked me through what just happened with this girl and taught me a valuable lesson I want to share. I gave her just a little money for this night out, but I was prepared to fix her car and possibly give her the world if she remained reachable, but she thought the little I gave was all there was to me. Is this how most of us see God? Do we just use him to get toppings when he wants to give us the entire Coldstone creamery ? Do we disconnect after a seemingly major headway in our life? Does that new job make you too busy for the king? I think for most of us, it does, but it does not have to be that way anymore. You could find time for whom you love, why not find time for Him, He has so much more to give you than you think.

In conclusion, When Women Rise, They Forget The Road Back To God, but you are not that woman, you are not that man.You are different and no matter how much you have, like my icon Denzel Washington, you would keep you slippers under your bed before you sleep, so that when you wake up the next morning, you would kneel to God in prayer before starting your day. I love you all and may we never lose our wonder.